Saturday, January 7, 2012

'tis the season

to be JOLLY.

Rob and I have truly been blessed this holiday season. Let's just start at the beginning. After being SO very happy to have our house finished, Rob and I were thrilled to start decorating for our very first "married Christmas." We started off the season by "decking the halls..." well. Lots of halls. We first decorated my mom's house for her (she had surgery) and then proceeded to decorate our own. I'll let you guess which was easier.

Here is a picture of our first Christmas tree-

We were very blessed as well to have family fly in from England and Texas. Rob's Mum and little brother, Seb flew in on the 13th of December. We have had so much fun with them. We started off the Christmas season by going to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert and seeing the lights at temple square. They were so beautiful!

Once it got closer to Christmas and Rob and I both had a couple of days off of work we packed up and headed East- all the way to Midway. It was there that we met up with the Lamberts. And of course, nothing starts off the holiday season like playing a game of Chubby Bunny, followed by a talent show of stupid human tricks.

Christmas Eve always brings its annual party at my Aunt Mary's house. This year we brought all of the Starling's as well. This is the one event of the Christmas season that always makes it finally feel like Christmas. As usual, we over ate and then headed home to finish up some last minute Christmas Eve festivities.


It has been a tradition (of all of 3 years) at my house that we open up Christmas Eve pajamas. It was fun to share this tradition with Rob's family- Don't we all just look so stinkin adorable?!

Rob and I started a tradition last year that we give Christmas pajamas and a movie on Christmas Eve- so we opened our little presents as well. I got "The Help," and Rob got "Harry Potter 7- part 1" We are obsessed. After that we played a couple of rounds of pass the pigs and Ticket to Ride- which sometimes gets intense when you are playing with 3 largish men. Rob was blessed to be able to Skype with his sister Ruth on Christmas Eve, as she was spending her holiday in New Zealand. As Rob would say, "It's alright for some..." -I just say LUCKY DUCKY!

 Christmas Day was just plain awesome. We got the extreme pleasure of watching Roman open up his gifts from Santa- nothing like watching a 4 year old son of two vegans be stoked about a hunting game. Rob and I got more presents than we ever deserved, but mostly it was just so wonderful to be able to spend time together. We both work so often (and opposite shifts) so the only time we get to see each other is as we go to bed at night. It has been more than wonderful to have a couple of days to just enjoy one another's company. But I am sure you have had enough of that and are ready to hear about the presents we got. Most exciting, was our new WII! I am SO stoked- basically I am a 4 year old. What do you get when you give Rob and I a Wii? Awesome dancing, that's what.

Second, we got a Garmin! So thrilled- I get lost more than anyone on the planet and Rob obviously isn't from around here, so we both tend to be slightly directionally challenged. I guess my parents finally got sick of us calling every 10 minutes to have them look up directions when our printed out map quest sheets failed us.

Rob gave me a beautiful watch and I gave him shoes that don't fit. - This tends to be expected when your husband wears a size 14. Other gifts included a british cook book, a new suit, bare minerals make up, books, movies, and "smellies" as my British counter parts call bath supplies.

Christmas Dinner was absolutely delightful- we brought traditions together and wore English Christmas Hats. 

After dinner we decided to burn off some of those calories with Wii Dance...

After Christmas we went sledding at Soldier Hollow in Midway. It was so FUN and SCARY!


We went bowling-

And to the BYU game-

And Seb even rode a horse- well almost!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family this holiday season, as that truly is the best gift that can be given (especially when they all live so darn far away!) We wish you all a joyous Christmas season filled with the love of family and friends, and most of all, our Savior, Jesus Christ. For his gift is truly the greatest gift that can be given.

All our Love, Rob and Chels.

PS- see you in the new year! Be prepared to hear a rather lengthy list of our resolutions! (I'm SUPER stoked on goals!)