Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Things

I absolutely love fall. It is one of my favorite seasons- except the allergies of course. This fall has been such a fun time for Rob and I to spend time doing things we love. As I mentioned before, Rob started playing on the BYU Rugby team this year. Here are the first pictures of what I am sure will be more to come. The gang got together on a Saturday at Kiwanis park to throw the ball around. All was fine and dandy until some lady called the cops because the boys were on a field that was "trying to grow." Haha. That lady had some nerve, seriously, I wouldn't be able to yell at a bunch of rugby playing tongans. Just saying- she's brave. 

Along with fall, Halloween is basically my favorite Holiday. I'm obsessed. So, naturally, we do all things Halloween. Which in my book, consists of watching Casper and carving pumpkins. Haha- Hello Kitty pumpkins. I'm not really into scary things. I learned this year that Rob had never before carved a pumpkin! I thought he was joking when he asked me what to do first- but, he did a marvelous job and his pumpkin was so scary! Our pumpkins sat outside our door all month long. So cute!

This year for Halloween Rob and I dressed up as a 20's gangster and a flapper. It was SO much fun and we had such a fun time going to the Peterson's Halloween party! Doesn't Rob look so dang cute?!

AND, the last but not least fall activity, carmel apples. YUM! Not exactly low calorie, but who can resist a fruit that is covered in carmel, chocolate, snickers bars, milkyway bars, cinnamon and sugar?! I still have yet to try one due to the million other sources of sugar we have lying around the apartment-

It has been such a fun fall and we are NOT READY for winter to come. Although, we are so thrilled for the Christmas season and to be surrounded by family and friends. Rob's mom and brother get here on the 13th of December, and my sister gets here on the 19th! SO STOKED.


  1. cute cute cute! we need to see you guys SOON!

  2. Chels, you are so cute. Pretty much I loved everything in this post, especially your pumpkin.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. Everything you do is so adorable! Haha. Also, you should email me a copy of that pic of me and my boy! =) haha