Saturday, November 12, 2011

cribs: the starling edition

Alright, so I finally got brave enough to blog about the new place; although I still have two hesitations about this post. First, I'm an idiot and forgot to take BEFORE pictures. So please, if you saw the place before, back me up on how bad it was. Second, the place is not totally finished, so please take it with a grain of salt.

The living room:
This little beauty was originally pained 70's green throughout. I mean, did the people before us ever hear of an accent wall? The walls were also covered in dirt and screw holes. So, the steps we took with the living room were:

-prime and paint (Killz paint was our best friend due to the previous cat smell) the entire room cream with white trim. We considered an accent wall but were in such a hurry to move in we decided that could wait until later. Also, with our apartment being in the basement, we wanted it to look as bright as possible.

-carpet cleaning. Cats. Enough said.

-cleaning the blinds. I won't lie, this job was the grossest of all the gross jobs in this place. I didn't know it was possible for blinds to have centimeter thick dirt on them. 2 hours and 2 things of lisol wipes later, those babies look awesome. (It was about this time I discovered lisol wipes cost about 7 cents a wipe- needless to say I was none too thrilled about the amount I used.)

-pictures and furniture. The furniture in this room cost us a total of $55. I mean, its not real high quality stuff, but it looks pretty good. (let it be known that an area rug can do wonders for old carpet).

So, after all of that, here was the final product:

The kitchen:
The kitchen was quite the undertaking. I have posted about the cabinets previously, and to see that post, go here:  Kitchen Cabinets. I had to cover all of the insides of the drawers with that rad sticky stuff in order to insure that they were actually sanitary. Next, I cleaned the oven (not self cleaning, mind you) and scrub, scrub, scrub! Cleaning the floor was partially our fault because we got alot of paint on it while we were painting the apartment. But needless to say, I scrubbed all of that paint off and it looks beautiful now. The fridge required a good 3 hour cleaning job to remove large balls of cat hair. I'm hoping it was in there because they killed the stupid cat, but one can never be too sure. Furniture for this room, total cost of $10 for kitchen rugs. 

The dining room. 
For the first time we actually had a large enough space for a legitimate table. No work required in this room, except painting and picture hanging. This room was also painted dark green and sort of made the apartment feel like a cave. So, a few coats of cream later this is what you get! Total cost of furniture for this room: $0. Borrowed a table from the Meeks! Thanks!

The bathroom.
Ha. Probably the biggest joke ever before we started, and I actually have a few before pictures of this one. 

-the tub. Horrendous. Believe you me, we hired that one out. I wasn't about to touch that thing with a ten foot pole. 

-cabinets. They looked a little like this before:

So, I washed them, painted them, and put more sticky stuff on the bottoms of them to get them looking like this:

Other views of the bathroom:

the bedroom:
to be honest, I don't really remember what color this room was. I am guessing it was a similar green color. In this room we painted, including the ceiling, cleaned out the big cupboards, more sticky stuff in the drawers, cleaned the blinds, then moved in! This room was probably the easiest. Total cost: $60 for nightstands.

the study:
last but not least, and mostly still under construction, we have the study. This room was mustard yellow to begin with. Again, we painted the walls and ceiling, and then bought a cheapo desk from ikea. My favorite part about this desk is that the back of it is a white board/magnet board. SO AWESOME for studying! ...not that I do any of that anymore- but the idea is good! The desk cost $160 at ikea and the bookshelf was $30 at Walmart. Total of $190. We still need to hang some pictures in this room and are still searching for a futon!

I am honestly so proud of all of the hard work we put in to this place. It is starting to look so much better!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Things

I absolutely love fall. It is one of my favorite seasons- except the allergies of course. This fall has been such a fun time for Rob and I to spend time doing things we love. As I mentioned before, Rob started playing on the BYU Rugby team this year. Here are the first pictures of what I am sure will be more to come. The gang got together on a Saturday at Kiwanis park to throw the ball around. All was fine and dandy until some lady called the cops because the boys were on a field that was "trying to grow." Haha. That lady had some nerve, seriously, I wouldn't be able to yell at a bunch of rugby playing tongans. Just saying- she's brave. 

Along with fall, Halloween is basically my favorite Holiday. I'm obsessed. So, naturally, we do all things Halloween. Which in my book, consists of watching Casper and carving pumpkins. Haha- Hello Kitty pumpkins. I'm not really into scary things. I learned this year that Rob had never before carved a pumpkin! I thought he was joking when he asked me what to do first- but, he did a marvelous job and his pumpkin was so scary! Our pumpkins sat outside our door all month long. So cute!

This year for Halloween Rob and I dressed up as a 20's gangster and a flapper. It was SO much fun and we had such a fun time going to the Peterson's Halloween party! Doesn't Rob look so dang cute?!

AND, the last but not least fall activity, carmel apples. YUM! Not exactly low calorie, but who can resist a fruit that is covered in carmel, chocolate, snickers bars, milkyway bars, cinnamon and sugar?! I still have yet to try one due to the million other sources of sugar we have lying around the apartment-

It has been such a fun fall and we are NOT READY for winter to come. Although, we are so thrilled for the Christmas season and to be surrounded by family and friends. Rob's mom and brother get here on the 13th of December, and my sister gets here on the 19th! SO STOKED.