Saturday, October 15, 2011

the birthday boy

Rob's birthday was on Wednesday and we had such a party! On Sunday we went up to my parent's house and had cake and ice cream with them. It was so nice to get out of Provo (its been awhile since we went home).. and hang out with family. I made Rob this cute chocolate bundt cake with what he calls "hundreds and thousands..." aka sprinkles. Lots of fun!

On Wednesday I surprised Rob after work by inviting some friends over to celebrate his birthday. We had more cake and ice cream (originally I had wanted to do a dinner but with the apartment in its current shape dinner seemed like a lot of work- so I went with cake.) It was so fun to see our friends and catch up with everyone! I can't believe Rob is 24- no seriously, I didn't. I thought he was only 23 and I was 21. Age isn't really a strong point of mine. But it has been such a wonderful 4.5 months and I feel so blessed to have him as my husband! Happy birthday baby!

This seems like a boring gift, but Rob really wanted some shoes for after rugby practice. Apparently this way he doesn't have to take off his rugby socks-

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