Saturday, October 15, 2011

the birthday boy

Rob's birthday was on Wednesday and we had such a party! On Sunday we went up to my parent's house and had cake and ice cream with them. It was so nice to get out of Provo (its been awhile since we went home).. and hang out with family. I made Rob this cute chocolate bundt cake with what he calls "hundreds and thousands..." aka sprinkles. Lots of fun!

On Wednesday I surprised Rob after work by inviting some friends over to celebrate his birthday. We had more cake and ice cream (originally I had wanted to do a dinner but with the apartment in its current shape dinner seemed like a lot of work- so I went with cake.) It was so fun to see our friends and catch up with everyone! I can't believe Rob is 24- no seriously, I didn't. I thought he was only 23 and I was 21. Age isn't really a strong point of mine. But it has been such a wonderful 4.5 months and I feel so blessed to have him as my husband! Happy birthday baby!

This seems like a boring gift, but Rob really wanted some shoes for after rugby practice. Apparently this way he doesn't have to take off his rugby socks-

Thursday, October 13, 2011

apartment upgrade part 1: the kitchen

One of the first orders of business for me was getting the kitchen done. Somehow I feel like if the kitchen is clean and organized, the rest of the house must be in good shape... right? Well I just couldn't live with the orange cabinets and identical countertops. At second glance I noticed the counter tops weren't actually all that bad, in fact, they were much newer than the rest of the apartment. After talking it over with my mom we decided black would be a nice update for this old apartment.


I'll be honest, I was sort of lazy when it came to this project. If one was to redo cabinets properly, they would pull them all of the wall, sand off the old paint, and then repaint them. But I had a serious fear that if we pulled all of these off the wall, we wouldn't get them back on it. So, being too cheap to even attempt to sand them on the wall, I just painted over the original color. This was a good idea in theory, but not so great in practice. I painted latex paint over oil paint, which means two things. First, its going to take at least an eternity to dry, and second, it pulls of easily if someone were to get in a scratching fight with the cabinets. I decided the first was worth it and the second was unlikely, so I just went ahead and painted. I'm not saying they are perfect, the paint definitely peels off more than I would like it to, but all things considered, it will work for the next year and a half. After that, it is someone else's problem. So, four days later and about 1/4 a pail of black paint, we reached the end result:

Better? You decide. The first picture doesn't look nearly as bad as the cabinets looked in real life. Unfortunately the picture down plays the orange in the cabinets- just imagine them much more.... orange and brown combined. No bueno.

Well, things are slowly coming together here at the new Starling residence. We almost have a living room and a bedroom. As for the bathroom... that is another story. Still no shower and now a broken toilet. Stellar. Hopefully by Monday we will have a new bathroom. And I am not even going to talk about the spider problem. I had finally convinced myself I was over reacting when while writing this blog a spider ran across my bed. Great. Sweet dreams- I know I'll have some.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

whoa there.

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I were given an amazing offer- what is so amazing you ask? Free rent- thats what. At first I was SUPER stoked- I mean, who wouldn't want a $700 raise each month? So, with big smiles on our faces we went to go check out our new.... uh.... "apartment." Pretty sure I wiped that smile off my face quick as soon as I took one step in the door. 

We decided to take a quick look around the apartment, just to see what the general layout was. I say the apartment was designed by a blind architect- Rob said it wasn't intended to be an apartment. Either way, its awkward. The apartment itself is quite large (apx. 1000 sq ft), quite the upgrade from our tiny place we are in now. There are two large bedrooms and one smaller bedroom. Bedroom is a loose term in this sense because only one of these so called "bedrooms" actually has a window. There is also a large kitchen, living room, full bath, and one half bath. Not to mention, oodles of storage space. (one closet even has a secret passage way- more on this later.)

We decided to try and sell our contract now before we made the big decision to move out East- or at least 6 blocks more east than our current residence. We had a gazillion takers on our place, and even a few bites. Some weirdos from Maryland decided they were all game and told us YES WE WANT IT, and we want it for OCTOBER 1st. So, we mustered up all of our strength, packed our boxes, and moved pretty much everything we own to the new place; only to find out they decided not to take it after all. Fret not my friends, we did end up selling our contract and now we have until Oct 10th to move out. The only problem is we have a bed and clothing at our current apartment and EVERYTHING ELSE at the new place- needless to say we have eaten our fair share of fast food this past week. 

OK, so on to the new apartment. We decided it would be best to go over and start cleaning out the new place and get it ready to move in to. Well, lets just say we underestimated the amount of work we were in for. In one night, it took two people to clean one tiny bathroom. There was slimy stuff on the walls, the toilet had NEVER been cleaned, hair and feathers in the bathroom drawer, and we won't even start on the amount of cat hair in the fridge. Needless to say, I went through a few minor breakdowns over this new place. We did all the cleaning we could, and decided to put it on hold and start painting. My parents, bless their hearts, decided to come and help me paint while Rob was in SLC translating for LDS General Conference. We got rid of most of the green, mustard yellow, and navy blue today, but still have MORE to cover. Just as we were finishing with the paint, I realized we should have taken before and after pictures of this little chore, but fear not, I am going to start taking them now.

So, there is still a TON of work to be done, and I am trying to find the best way to make this place cute on the budget of an ophthamology technician supporting her husband in school. AKA- next to nothing. I have decided to have an attitude adjustment and turn this into a fun adventure and way to improve my crafting skills. So please follow me as I turn H E double hockey sticks into shabby chic. I welcome any ideas you might have for curtains, reupolstering couches, painting cabinets, and cute organization tricks. Guys, trust me, this is going to be awesome. Or at least I am going to keep telling myself that while I am having nightmares about the amount of spiders I found on the floor in there today. 

Look for my posts in the upcoming days as I attempt this new adventure! 


PS- for my own sanity, please clean your house tonight, you never know when you might be moving out and the new tenants will be crying over your cat's hair in their new fridge.

Just out of pure reminiscing, I have decided to post the pictures of our first apartment (that we have lived in for less than 4 months)