Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Days

Well it is that time of year again- at least for Rob anyway. Rob started back at school last week and I am sure he is... well.... loving it? I have decided that school is just part of our lives, a BIG part, and it will be for the next 5 years! (just an FYI, that is officially 26% of my age). BUT, needless to say, we do love it. Being in college/below the poverty line has taught us LOTS of cool new tricks.

For example, I am now an official couponer- I wouldn't go as far as to say I am an extreme couponer, but I coupon nonetheless- and it saves us about $15 a week. Sweet right? I started couponing with my friends Cassie, Holli, and Ali just last month. If you are interested in learning this sweet skill, just let me know!

Second, Rob and I are GREAT at trying new things. Another example- yesterday I made the most fabulous enchiladas, for which I thought taco seasoning might be a nice addition. Fabulous idea right? Well, right, unless your taco seasoning and brown gravy come in similar looking containers- then it's not so great. Yet, we tried it anyway (mostly because we are too cheap to throw out food), and it was AWESOME. Best new secret ingredient!

Third, we rock at cheap entertainment. As mentioned previously on this blog, Rob and I love the game 'Ticket to Ride,' and since we love it so much, we play it at LEAST 3x a week! Way way cheaper than going to dinner and a movie.

And the best news of all?! Rob made the BYU Rugby team! I am super excited to learn about one of his passions (hint to Rob- this is a good time to learn about my passion- Robert's Arts and Crafts.. haha). I have never seen/been to/known anything about Rugby. You had better bet your bottom dollar I am going to be a Rugby know it all by the time the season starts next semester. Who is interested in helping me cheer on my favorite man?! 

Here's to another year below the poverty line, another year of learning cool new tricks, and another year of making and keeping great friends!! YAY school days!