Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun with the Lamberts

Best. Summer. Ever.

It is a serious rarety when I get to spend some time with my sister and her family, but this summer Rob & I got double lucky. We not only got to see them at our wedding, but we got to see them for the past 3 weeks as well! It was so fun taking Roman to Trafalga and Seven Peaks- you would have thought the kid was in heaven! 

seven peaks


we finished off the trip with an old family classic-

G R A N N Y ' S

We were S O happy to have them here & miss them already!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

eye balls, coal and Slovakia

I apologize that it has been a little while since my last update on Rob & I, but we have been so busy! The summer has been a fun one, full of weddings, family, and of course... work! I will be posting on the first two subjects in a couple of days, once I figure out how to get some pictures since our camera has been out of commission. But, for now, I am going to write a bit about the last subject!

We all know I have been searching for a job since April, and to no avail I have spent my days and weeks filling out job application after job application. The final count? 200 applications, 15 interviews! I was about ready to give up all hope when our Relief Society President said she would take my resume in to her office. I agreed (hopelessly), but was pleasantly surprised when they called me for an interview a few days later. From the moment I stepped into the office I knew I would be accepting a position with them. The people were so nice, the atmosphere was adorable (explanation to come), and working as a tech meant that I didn't have to be sitting at a desk all day! It was official, I was going to start working at Utah Valley Eye Center the next week!

To see our website, go here:

The first couple of weeks have been rough (to be expected) and I am almost certain I have messed up on multiple medical charts, but I love it. My work schedule is nice as well, I work 7-5 MWTHF, and 7-1 on Tuesday. It is hard getting up early everyday, but it makes me feel more productive, and I get a sweet half day once a week! All of the doctors that I work for are phenomenal. Seriously, if you need your eyes checked, this is the place to go! We are so busy all day long, and see over 200 patients a day! we have 7 different doctors, 5 opthamologists and 2 optometrists. We do everything from basic eye exams and selling glasses to lasik surgery. It has been such a neat experience learning about eyes. I get to do all of the diagnostic testing (the doctors of course read the tests), but I get to take pictures of the backs of people's eyes, observe after-cataract surgery (YAG laser), and even watch more complex surgeries if I wanted! I never knew that eyes could be so fascinating, and it truly has been a blessing to work there. We have a total of 9 techs, 3 of which are named Chelsea- which means I officially go by "Starling" at work. All of the techs are wonderful and they have been so patient with me as I learn all the ropes. Each day I come home totally exhausted, but loving the place in which I work! I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn more about our Heavenly Father's greatest creation, our bodies!

Our office is also covered in paintings by James Christensen, who paints many fairytale themed pictures. It makes for such a cute office! One of our doctors is a collector of James Christensen, so I honestly think we have every painting done by him. I am willing to bet there are over 200 paintings from him in our office alone! Here is one of my favorites:

It symbolizes having a bad day, or feeling sorry about yourself, and then having the Spirit touch you and bring light into your life. To see more James Christensen paintings, go here:

Rob too has been working his little tooshy off. He has been splitting his time between two different jobs and a Calculus class at BYU. He just finished his class this week and passed the final with a B!! I couldn't be more proud of him and all of the work he has been doing. He has been continuing to teach Slovak at the MTC and has 4 missionaries as well as an elderly couple. Its funny because every time we tell someone that he works at the MTC they automatically assume he teaches English since he is from England. HAHA. So funny. He is also working at the BYU central heating plant shoveling coal- and playing cards on his lunch break. He works twice as hard as I do and even works on the weekends. I am so grateful for all of his hard work to provide for us!

Finally, it wouldn't be a blog written by me without some pictures, so here ya go!

Here is one of the machines that I work with, this is called an OCT

Here are some examples of the images that I take for the doctors:

Here are some pictures of Slovakia: