Monday, July 11, 2011


Well friends! I finally did it! I submitted my application for Physician Assistant School. Needless to say, four years in the making, one summer of filling out paperwork, 24 hours of prep class, and $1000 later, I can honestly say I am not sorry to see that thing go! Currently, there is one online application for all schools that you apply to, this is called the CASPA. I don't even know what that stands for but I am guessing the PA is for physician assistant... haha. This year I only applied to the University of Utah (only the number 2 program in the country... no big deal). Originally I had planned to apply for more schools, but with Rob still in school I would like to stay close... weird. So, here's hoping! All my hard work, hard earned money, and oodles of time were hopefully not spent in vain. I won't find out if I got an interview until late fall, but I will be sure to let ya'll know either way! I just feel blessed to have made it this far and to have worked as hard as I have. It has been a HUGE accomplishment for me, and I know now that I am leaving it in the Lord's hands and he will have me do what he wants me to do. So whether or not that be PA school, I will know it is His will and I will be thrilled to do it! So, here's to giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done!!

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