Wednesday, July 20, 2011

frankfurter roast

I love campfires, but I am not the biggest fan of camping. So, every once in a while I like to have a mini camp session. On Monday evening we went into Provo Canyon with our friends and decided to have a little hot dog roasting party and some s'mores. It had been raining all day, but finally the rain let up and we were able to go- that didn't stop the wind though. So, in some of the pictures you can see ash blowing everywhere! It was so much fun to get out and enjoy the summertime! Roasting hot dogs always reminds me of the Sneetches- if you don't know this book by Dr. Seuss, you seriously missed out on your childhood!

Cassie and Allen

Matt and Kristina

Abbey and Bill

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well friends! I finally did it! I submitted my application for Physician Assistant School. Needless to say, four years in the making, one summer of filling out paperwork, 24 hours of prep class, and $1000 later, I can honestly say I am not sorry to see that thing go! Currently, there is one online application for all schools that you apply to, this is called the CASPA. I don't even know what that stands for but I am guessing the PA is for physician assistant... haha. This year I only applied to the University of Utah (only the number 2 program in the country... no big deal). Originally I had planned to apply for more schools, but with Rob still in school I would like to stay close... weird. So, here's hoping! All my hard work, hard earned money, and oodles of time were hopefully not spent in vain. I won't find out if I got an interview until late fall, but I will be sure to let ya'll know either way! I just feel blessed to have made it this far and to have worked as hard as I have. It has been a HUGE accomplishment for me, and I know now that I am leaving it in the Lord's hands and he will have me do what he wants me to do. So whether or not that be PA school, I will know it is His will and I will be thrilled to do it! So, here's to giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 4th of July & The Last Bit

We have been so busy (I'm not sure with what though...) That I haven't been able to post some pictures from forever ago. So, first things first. Right after we got back from our honeymoon we stopped to say hi to The Jensens. Neil and Linda were so nice to let Rob live there over the past semester, and I am not sure we can ever repay them for that. Neil has been in the hospital for the past month and is just getting out today! Hip HIP HOORAY! Which reminded me that I needed to post the pictures from Linda's birthday. Since Neil was in the hospital and all of their kids live out of town, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kidnap Linda and help her celebrate the big day. We went to dinner at Olive Garden- Linda loves the eggplant parmesano there- and then we came back to our place. We wanted to show Linda our little apartment, and I surprised her by baking a cake! Not the best cake I've ever made (my apologies...) but I was trying out my new silicone bakeware.... that stuff is hard to cook in! Anyway, it was such a fun night and we LOVE hanging out with the Jensens. (I'm actually about to go over there right now)

let it be known that our apartment is looking slightly better than these pictures- we do actually have curtains now. Although, we still need to hang something on the wall above our ghetto table. haha. Ill post pictures once we finish!

Later on in June we went up to Midway and had dinner with my parents to celebrate Father's Day. We had gotten my Dad some really cool olive oil dipping sauces and spices while we were on our honeymoon in San Diego. All of the oil is made fresh in San Diego, and it is delicious! (trust me to sample pretty much every type they had). If you are a huge olive oil fan (like me) you should check out this company. They even make flavored olive oil, soaps, etc!

See them here:

My Mom got my Dad the new Adobe picture editing program- which we are all still trying to figure out how to use.

Our ward went down to Manti as a ward party to see the Manti Pageant. We met up with Cassie and Allen while we were down there and enjoyed the great out doors and the sunshine! It was a long wait before the play actually began, but it was a lot of fun to see the Book of Mormon played out right in front of the temple. It was cool because Moroni actually dedicated that specific site for the temple FOREVER ago (I learned this in my temple class). It was so cool to know that we were sitting right where a prophet had been thousands of years ago.

Cute couple! PS- Rob & I set them up and they are TOTALLY getting married next month. If you are single, give us a call- we obviously have a good track record!

On July 2nd, our friends Abbey & Bill got married in the SLC temple, and we were able to attend the sealing. It was such an honor to be there, and Elder Holland even sealed them! We were like 10 feet away from him- pretty cool day and a beautiful bride! CONGRATS GUYS!

For the 4th of July we spent the weekend at my parent's house. We played my new favorite game for 6 hours, which was probably the highlight of my weekend. Trent says I shouldn't be playing board games at 22 years old- but that obviously didn't stop him from joining in on the fun! The game is called Ticket to Ride, and it is fabulous! We have the Europe edition because you can build tunnels and train stations and things, but there is also an American version and a German version. Each game is a little different, but it is so fun! The idea is to build as many train routes as you can without being cut off by the other players or letting them know which routes you have. Sounds strange, I know, but play it and I promise you will be obsessed too! On Monday we drove out to Tooele and spent the day with my Mom's family. We had such a fun time playing at the pool, having a BBQ and going to the rodeo. It was Rob's first, and possibly last rodeo. He just can't appreciate all the craziness of it all- that and the patriotism almost killed him. It was fun and I hope to convince him to go to another one! Later we did our own fireworks, and luckily no one was injured!

my boy enjoying some fireworks

Well, I think that is all for this post. I have definitely learned some things from this post though. First, dropping your camera is not a good idea if you want pictures that are in focus. Second, post OFTEN so posts aren't so long. 

Hopefully my next post will be soon, and in the meantime I will be shopping around for a new camera!