Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the pre-wedding jitterbug

Hi Friends!

Rob & I are so excited to be married, and so far life has been so great! We are just adjusting to getting home from our honeymoon and setting up our apartment. Somehow work and numerous trips to bed, bath, & beyond do not hold the same thrill as the beach and the San Diego Zoo. But, we have had so much fun setting up our apartment and buying all new appliances. As of right now we are still waiting to get our wedding pictures back from our amazing photographer, Amanda Hendrickson. If you have loved our engagements, and my bridals, please check out her website at If you missed our engagements or my bridals you can check them out here:


The minute we get some wedding pictures back we will post them for sure! As of right now, I can only show you some pictures from before the wedding, so lets start at the beginning.

The first of all of our family members to arrive was Rob's mom, Rhonda. We decided it would be a fun break from the cold of Provo to take her down to Saint George for a few days. We borrowed a condo from some good friends, a car from my parents, and packed up to head South. It was such a fun weekend full of sun, hiking, red rocks, lounging at the pool, and even a missionary farewell.

enjoying the beauties of Zion National Park before we began the longest hike ever.

Rob made a friend with some random boy who was hiking along the trail with us

The Emerald Pools trail- apparently the water turns green during certain times of the year because of the algae that lives in the water. Obviously this was not one of those times of the year.

Me with the "dirty" virgin river

enjoying a little R & R back at the condo

This was my room in the condo- all the rooms were SO nice, so nice in fact that we ended up staying a few extra days...

After we got back from Saint George it was time for the real party to begin. But first, we had to make a stop for our friend's wedding. Ben and Ashley got engaged the day before Rob & I did and their wedding was on May 26. I was a bridesmaid for Ashley, who has been my good friend for the past couple of years, so we spent the day celebrating with them.

She looked absolutely gorgeous and the wedding reception was so adorable. Congratulations you guys!

Next, the rest of Rob's family and my sister Nicole came in to town. It was really time to start partying!! We went to the mall for a bit, and then we went to Park City to show the Starling's where I grew up. We had such a fun time doing all of the "tourist" things in my hometown. We went on the Alpine Slide, the zip line, and even the mountain coaster. Roman really loves Rob and the two of them were little buddies the entire time he was here. Roman kept saying, "I can't wait until Chelsea's wife, Rob, is my uncle!"

the world's scariest game of "catch"

the Starling clan

the Meeks' crew

we survived the zip line!

Rob after he fell off the Alpine Slide- luckily he received no facial injuries before the wedding!

the boys being.... well, boys.

After our day in Park City, it was time for my bridal shower in Park City. It was such a fun party! Nicole and Lindy threw it, along with my Mom and Lesa Peers. It had a French bakery theme, and was full of delicious treats and eats. We had such a wonderful turnout, and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive family and friends! Just another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came that night and made it such a special evening! As you can see from the pictures, Rob & I received a FEW things we needed to set up our home...

the cutest cake pops ever! shaped like little Eiffel Towers

a plethora of presents

new sheets!

I know I look somewhat frightened by this pan, but seriously, ya'll need one. It is the best cookie maker ever, trust me, I already tried it out!! Supposedly you can't burn cookies on it, but apparently you can burn hands, so watch out!!

Next, we took the Starling's to Wasatch Mountain State Park to enjoy a great American pastime, a picnic and a hike! We roasted hot dogs, salmon burgers, and hamburgers before seeing some scenic views of Midway. 

learning to blow giant magic bubbles

apparently some people DO eat hot dogs before their wedding. See me naked diet? totally overrated....

Rome and his pal "Ruthie"

we convinced Auntie Carol to eat her first ever hot dog!

Roman and Sarah playing Pooh Sticks

Last but not least, we spent a girl's day out getting beautiful before the wedding!!

WELL, wow that was a long post. By the time you actually make it through this entire thing, I will probably have our honeymoon pictures ready to be put up! Hang on to your seats- the royal wedding of Chelsea & Rob to be posted soon!


  1. love love love this blog!! sooo cute! i miss you and rob. lots.

  2. Love it! Thanks for writing my journal for me!

  3. YES YES YES! i can't wait to start following your blog!

  4. That was an eternally long post but worth it. Your families and well you two are awesome. Rome is hilarious!