Tuesday, June 28, 2011

our honeymoon

Lately I have been telling everyone that honeymoons are the worst idea ever. Why you may ask? Because life is so nice for five days. Other people do the laundry, make you food, the sun is shinning, and you get to hang out with your best friend ALL day. Then you get home and work hits. (or in my case, the search for work hits- no, I still have not found a job!) Rob and I had so much fun on our honeymoon that the last couple of weeks just haven't even compared. I think honeymoons should come after you already know what married life is like- just an idea. Well, anyway, let me tell you about our fabulous trip! Way back when Rob and I had decided we wanted to go to San Diego. We wanted to see the Zoo, and Sea World, and everything else. We were so excited!! We left the Sunday after our wedding at 3 pm and drove 10 hours to beautiful San Diego! We stayed at the Handlery Resort & Hotel, and it was so beautiful! 

This is a picture of what our room looked like

DAY 1: San Diego Old Town & Coronado Island

After leaving our hotel we decided it was a good time to start our trip off with some Mexican food- boy oh boy was this a good idea!

We ate right in the center of Old Town San Diego, and so we got visited by an adorable Mariachi band who sang everything from twinkle twinkle little star to Sting.

We visited the old Wells Fargo building and decided to give a shout out to Dad-

These statues have nothing to do with anything, except that I think they are hilarious

We visited the Mormon Battalion site, which for those of you who haven't been there in a while, is much cooler now! We actually had a ton of fun. Rob got to dress up like a soldier and then we panned for gold. Unfortunately, we are still broke- and yes, I am STILL looking for a job.

I have a small obsession with trees, and this one is UH mazing! We found it on a little walk we were taking in the area surrounding old town. It is cool because the roots are absolutely huge and are almost as large as the branches. While we were at the Mormon Battalion site, one of the sister missionaries recommended that we visit Coronado Island. Neither of us had ever heard of it before (due to Rob's foreigness and my geographical slowness) so we decided, what the heck?! LETS DO IT. The island was absolutely beautiful.

This hotel is the Coronado- it looked a little too classy for this visit, but we promised to come back one day when I have a job.

Rob had never before tried the strawberry shortcake ice creams. Basically they are my favorite ice cream treat, so I forced him to stop and try one on this very over priced island.

Instead of taking the ferry across the bay to Coronado, we decided to drive. It gave us a really cool view of San Diego and Coronado. That my friends, is one HUGE bridge!

This is a view of downtown San Diego from Coronado.

We visited Balboa park briefly. We went too late in the day to actually visit any of the museums, but we had a lot of fun driving around and looking at things. We went for pizza afterward- YUM!

DAY 2: The San Diego Zoo & The Marina

Our little map reader

Baby flamingo- cutest thing on earth?! I think yes...

How much Rob weighs compared to a polar bear- he's a 3 month old cub

how much I weigh compared to a baby polar bear- also a 3 month cub.. something seems weird here

Taking a sky tram across the world's biggest zoo

Eating our lunchables- we are fully opposed to overpriced food

This panda bear is very rare- especially in a zoo. The San Diego Zoo has to pay the Chinese government OODLES of money each year in order to keep it here. SO CUTE

We finished off the day by eating at Hard Rock- SO GOOD :)

DAY 3: Sea World & a movie

You better believe we sat in the splash zone!

Shamu & baby Shamu

This bird's hair was awesome! It made for the cutest picture!

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory- a real treat for us! 

Then we went and saw 'Something Borrowed' in the REAL movie theater, not the dollar theater!

DAY 4: Safari Park & The San Diego Temple

Rob and I decided to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which is just outside of San Diego. It was such a cool experience! The zoo has purchased a huge portion of land on which they grow native plants to Africa, etc. They have tons of animals just roaming around free. It was so fun to see so many animals in a more natural habitat than the zoo!

A view of the Safari Park

The only thing cute about this animal is the baby

AW! Love this.

We were so lucky to go in the spring because many of the animals had just had babies. They were so cute!

Well worth the picture


DAY 5: Saddest day of the whole trip. We checked out of our hotel shortly after breakfast and then started on the trek back to Utah! We had such a fun trip and we miss it already!!