Sunday, February 4, 2018


I usually start off my posts saying something about how fast the time has gone and I can't believe another month has gone by. That is not the case for January. January was the longest month in existence. I'm certain there were at least 74 days in it this year. That all said, I am so glad it is now February. We are ready for a fresh start around here!

We started off the month by paying a towing fee. We took our friends to the airport in December and then I drove their car back to their apartment complex and parked it. Unknown to me, reserved spots are printed on the pavement. Due to snow and ice I couldn't see the reserved sign and their car was towed. Since I don't live there I didn't know the car was towed until I went back to get it 10 days later. By this point the impound company had had it for at least a week and the fee was $700 to get it out. With a little luck I talked them down to $400 but it still sucked.

Then my car decided to break and needed $1300 worth of repairs. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Some stupid intake manifold broke. Needless to say I am still mad at my car and so Rob is driving it.

Oh and then my favorite thing happened. While I was in the shower my kids decided it would be a good idea to hammer on our big tv with their toys. Shattering the entire screen.
So if I wasn't feeling broke already, this was really the cherry on top of it all.

The towing company has been paid, my car is fixed, but we still have no tv. Some lessons are best taught through consequences.

On to a little happy...
Charlotte is recently loving necklaces. Specifically this old pearl necklace of mine. She wears it to everything- James swimming lessons, church, around the house. Its amazing, and she's really fancy.

I made A LOT of baked goods this month. Because lets be honest, I eat my feelings.

We did have this one miracle afternoon in which James napped. It was glorious. Up until he decided to wake up in the middle of the night (multiple times) for the next four nights.
Suffice it to say this kid is no longer allowed to nap. So I'll just appreciate his angelic sweetness in this photo and forget about the lack of sleep in January.

We had a few warm days so the park was a must!

James has been rocking swimming lessons this season. He has a perfect record of actually getting in the pool. HOORAY! He loves the time he gets to spend with his buddy, Cohen.

James finally got his new glasses! After the optical shop broke them and then forgot to order them, we finally got them 4 weeks later. James loves the red color because he says they are spider-man glasses. I was so worried about whether or not he would keep them on, but he is such a good sport. He wears his patch everyday for 4 hours and keeps his glasses on all the time. It is seriously such a huge blessing!

Charlotte has become even more wild. She is a constant mess of stains and messy hair, but I love her. There isn't much that is delicate about this lady but she constantly keeps me on my toes.
Her newest discovery is that it is better to eat a peanut butter and nutella sandwich by opening it and licking out the inside than actually taking bites.

James has developed an interesting fashion sense this month. He is all about putting on whatever clothes he can find. This particular day he got dressed, was so proud of himself, and then asked me to take a picture of him and send it to Aunt Nicole.

We made a trip in to the city to see the Batmobile at the American History museum for this little super-hero loving boy. While we were there we also played in the mini Julia Child kitchen.

This is what I see every morning:
all of my people in my bed. 
I secretly love these quiet moments that we get to spend together, and I am really grateful for our king sized bed.

We also had a lot of fun at scramble this month:

We went swimming at Cub Rub RECenter. They have an amazing indoor play feature, lazy river and whirlpool. Charlotte was in heaven as this was the first time she was in a pool without being held. She went crazy! She was splashing, jumping, and floating. I'll never forget her sweet little chubby toes sticking out of the water as she was floating down the lazy river.

James was so worn out that he totally passed out on the way home.
Don't worry- Char was wide awake. haha

Three days after swimming, Charlotte noticed that her feet had gotten cut up on the bottom of the pool. Once she found them (even though by this point they were healed) she couldn't stop freaking out about it so I told her to "bring your chubby little toes over here so I can look at them." She thought "chubby toe" was the term for the sores and couldn't stop calling them her "chubby toes."

Char singing wheels on the bus:

What we are looking forward to:
-Valentine's Day
-Our trip to England!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


We had a really fun December this year. Just like everyone else, December is always crazy busy for us. There are just so many fun activities going on and I want to take advantage of them all. 

We started off the month by attending the Holiday Boat Parade in Old Town Alexandria. Rob ended up getting a migraine right before it was time to leave so the kids and I had to go without him. We still had a lot of fun seeing the boats, and it was unseasonably warm, which made it perfect for standing outside!

December was also full of SUGAR. We had fun decorating sugar cookies for playgroup at the church and then getting festive doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.

We went to Zoo Lights, and the kids had fun riding the train and carousel, seeing all of the lights, and tubing. (sans snow)

We had fun going to a lunch with Santa and getting to see Santa for the first time of the season. I was surprised that we didn't have any tears!

We got our first big snow and James was begging to go outside! We had to wait until the afternoon when there was finally enough snow to make a snowball. He could have stayed out there all day- he loved it!

We went to the US Botanical Gardens to see their Season's Greetings exhibit. They do it each year and it features tons of trains and little buildings, which are all made out of plant materials!

James went to the eye doctor for the first time, and he was diagnosed with amblyopia. He gets to wear this cool pirate patch over his eye for four hours a day. He is also getting some cool glasses! (pictures to come)

Rob and I got to attend his work Christmas party. We had a lot of fun stuffing our faces and watching everyone else win prizes. haha. Our luck isn't the best.

A new museum just opened in DC called the museum of the Bible. It is really cool! They have a gigantic kids section (which my kids loved) and many other exhibits about the bible. Call me a nerd, but I totally want to go back there for a date night (without kids) so I can actually read all of the information.

Our kiddos met santa! James asked for a light up car racetrack and a candy cane. He wanted to give Santa a big long hug. Which kind of took Santa by surprise but was totally adorable. Charlotte didn't quite get the idea of asking for things yet so she just enjoyed sitting there with her brother.

We made gingerbread houses one night. James loved decorating his and designing it. Charlotte wouldn't even let us put hers together. All she wanted to do was eat it.

There is a list in Virginia called Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights list. We decided to check out some of the houses this year. We got fast food dinner (don't judge us) and ate in the car to beat the rush hour traffic. We drove around to a few of the different houses and they were amazing! This is one of my favorite things we did this year and I can't wait to do it next year.

Rob got a huge Christmas present this year! He got a new car! Since he would be starting his full time job in January we knew I wouldn't be able to keep taking him to work everyday and so we got him a car. Its a total game changer to be a two car family.

For Christmas Eve we had dinner with some wonderful friends and their kids. After dinner the kids did a little nativity and then we had a christmas program where I played the harp, a little boy recited the night before christmas, and we sang christmas songs. 

 Later the kids opened their new christmas pajamas and we left cookies and milk for santa claus.

On Christmas morning the kids were so excited! James favorite gift was his light up racetrack and Charlotte loves her little people camper that James gave her. Rob got a new briefcase and I got a new wallet. It was a very merry Christmas.

a little video of opening presents:
(I think my favorite part is when James says "Santa got it from Target!" hahaha

On boxing day we went and saw the temple lights and a program at the visitor's center and then went out to dinner with friends. 

We took the kids to see Coco on "the big scream" as James called it. It was such a cute movie. Charlotte did really well considering she's not even two yet.

On New Year's Eve we spent time with friends and played games while the kids played together. Then we had to come home so Rob could finish a final paper that was due that evening. With Rob working and the kids in bed I ended up falling asleep before midnight. I guess you could say we are officially party poopers.

2017 was so good to us and we have grown a lot this year. I feel like this year was kind of a breather for us. We had a rough couple of years with Law School and Crohn's disease and so we just needed a little bit of time to establish some normality again. (not that anything is ever normal or not stressful in the Starling house). We are excited for Rob to start his new job full time, and he will drop his LLM program down to part time until he finishes. We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends and hope you all have a very wonderful 2018!

What we are looking forward to:
-Our trip to London at the end of February!
-Full time job & health insurance! haha