Sunday, June 3, 2018


How is it June already?! I can't believe we are nearly half way through 2018 already. Time is flying! Our May was very very VERY rainy. But that didn't stop us from having a good time!

This month Charlotte earned her very own hashtag: #charnanigans
She is always up to something crazy and I honestly can't take my eyes off of her for one second. Maybe that's normal for a 2 year old? But she seems particularly wild to me. This month's incidents included (but are not limited to): climbing on top of her dresser, the kitchen table (counter height), riding an innocent dog in Old Navy, discovering a red sharpie while I was in the shower, running away at any opportunity, tackling her brother to the ground until he cries, stealing her brother's glasses, and running into an elevator at the hospital on her own and getting lost. 
But I love all of that personality packed into that tiny body.

here's proof of the dog incident:

We also discovered bubble guns this month, which were a huge hit. This picture was taken about 5 minutes before Charlotte started vomiting for 24 hours straight.

The kids have been begging to take a ride on the "train" and go "into the big city" for a long time.
I'll be honest- I'm a wimp and didn't want to do it on my own so we waited until a Saturday when Daddy could go with us.

Notice how no one else is on the lawn?
Yep- #charnanigans breaking all the rules as usual.

My kids also talked me into buying them each a $4 ice cream that they licked twice and threw in the trash. I only have myself to blame for being such a pushover.

We discovered some new parks!

and enjoyed time with friends:

We visited the "spide spide park" as Charlotte calls it
(our six flags is superhero themed and the only superhero she knows is Spider-Man).

I got the opprotunity to play the harp at a Luncheon for the Ambassador and Congressman's wives. It was totally scary and required A LOT of practicing but it felt really good to polish up on a talent that has been collecting dust for the last few years.

Charlotte has continued to love her weekly dance class and is getting really good at all of the different movements. Her favorite parts are still the trampoline and the ribbons.

We ate far too many ice cream cones this month:

And went berry picking for the first time. James did a great job looking through the berries and picking the very best ones while Charlotte just walked down the rows picking up random berries to eat. Were they clean? Were they rotten? No one knows.

We also went camping for the first time this month! We spent a few weeks gathering and purchasing supplies for a 24 hour trip but it was so fun! The kids shocked us by going to bed easily and sleeping through the night. We had a blast going with friends and I don't think the kids have ever played so hard!

Charlotte had her first s'more and it was definitely a win in her book.

Charlotte was so excited when she woke up that she was still in the tent that she yelled "GOOD MORNING!" Loud enough for all of our camping neighbors to hear.

I woke up multiple times in the night (because sleeping on the ground isn't my favorite) and I couldn't even complain about it because when I looked up I saw all of these beautiful trees through the moonlight. I took a picture when I woke up so I wouldn't forget how beautiful it is sleeping in nature.

A giant camping breakfast was a must before heading out on a hike.
(How beautiful is Virginia?!)

The kids started swimming lessons again this month- round 3 for James and Charlotte's first lessons.
They are both getting so good- the only downside is I get eaten by mosquitos while watching them.

James had his check up at the eye doctor and had to get dilating drops again. He really dreads this part of the exam (not that I blame him- those suckers sting!). This time he made such a scene that Charlotte started screaming too and so there were suckers and sunglasses all around to stop the crying.
I really love taking toddlers to the doctor. 
We also learned James will need a surgery on his eye muscles to correct his strabismus. This is totally overwhelming and scary for me- luckily he has no idea- but we will keep you updated as we know more in the coming months.

We visited a nature center with friends:

We are enjoying the days when it isn't raining by going for scooter rides and walks!

We had a fun Memorial Day remembering those in our family who have served and by having a delicious BBQ with great friends. 

I asked him to take a picture of me and he surprised me by kissing me on the cheek:
He's such a sweetie.

Most of our days are long, wild, trying, exhausting, silly, and frustrating.
Sometimes there is yelling but I would like to think that most of the time there is just a lot of laughing.

I am so grateful for these sweet kids and all of the things they teach me!

What we are looking forward to:
-Our trip to Utah in July
-Swimming pool days
-Splash pads!